Spaghetti alla Machiavelli? Don't think so.

The Plague Doctor in full regalia

Another side of the Plague Doctor

Portrait of the artist as a young man



November 3, 2013

Tags: Italian food, Renaissance

Although Machiavelli was an indisputable Italian, a card-carrying, board-certified Florentine, never in his life did he eat a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce. Food allergies? A gluten-free diet? We need not resort to such fantastical (and 21st century) explanations. Personal taste or distaste? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Neither did our (more…)

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Historical Fiction
Machiavelli is a big, obstreperous historical novel set in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. This epic piece of storytelling brings the world of fifteenth-century Italy to life as it traces Machiavelliís rise from young boy to controversial political thinker.

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