Spaghetti alla Machiavelli? Don't think so.

The Plague Doctor in full regalia

Another side of the Plague Doctor

Portrait of the artist as a young man


The Plague Doctor

September 29, 2013

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Near the end of the novel (chapter 48, p. 671), Niccolo and Giuditta are fleeing Rome ahead of the plague, when they’re confronted with an odd sight in front of the Hospital for Incurable Diseases. Among the dead and dying, they see, “one bizarre, solitary figure that moved among them. It looked not so much like a man as a giant bird, a black bird with black gloves and a black hood and a big yellow beak.”

Behold the Plague Doctor (pictured at right). (more…)

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Machiavelli is a big, obstreperous historical novel set in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. This epic piece of storytelling brings the world of fifteenth-century Italy to life as it traces Machiavelli’s rise from young boy to controversial political thinker.

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