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The Wall Street Journal Review of Machiavelli By Joseph Markulin (Prometheus, 720 pages, $21.95)

Book Review: 'Machiavelli' by Joseph Markulin
A novelistic biography makes Machiavelli into a Renaissance Zelig. He cracks Leonardo's code! He listens to Michelangelo kvetch!
David Polansky
Nov. 11, 2013 6:50 p.m. ET

“Machiavelli is more suited than most great thinkers for the novelistic treatment he receives in Joseph Markulin's "Machiavelli: A Renaissance Life.”

“Mr. Markulin's "novel" really encompasses three genres in one: a political history of Tuscany during the High Renaissance, a depiction of the rhythms of daily life during that same period through the story of one man, and a bildungsroman featuring a world-famous thinker as its protagonist.”

“. . . it is frequently delightful.”

“. . . all the ingenious plot twists . . . “